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Our role as traditional Chinese Face Readers is to help you understand who you are, your strengths and weaknesses, best work and best relationships for you, your family, your business team and your children. Those Feng Shui Guys are trained Chinese Face Readers, conducting free workshops on the benefits of Face Reading, as well as individual, couples, and professional face reading consultations.

As feng shui practitioners our goal is to create an environment that empowers, nourishes and organizes each important life aspect of your home and work environment. This is done by a systematic and thorough evaluation followed by feng shui treatments and enhancements that empower all aspects of your life and move you closer towards your goals.

Those Feng Shui Guys - 520-245-6057In Feng Shui our outside environment directly influences our inner reality. If our home or work environment feels safe, inviting and vibrant then our internal experience is going to mirror this. This then energizes our relationships, finances, creativity and career.

As feng shui enjoys growing popularity in the West, more and more of us are tapping into the benefits it brings to their lives.
The principles work perfectly with the colors, shapes and rhythm of Tucson and the Arizona desert and our own personal styles.

In following feng shui principles, we draw from our own personal style, culture and spiritual background in order to bring about the changes that will enhance our lives.

Feng Shui Tip of the Day

Make sure everyone depicted in family photos is happy and smiling. Keep small live plants and crystals near table top collections of family photographs.

Tucson Feng Shui

Tucson has long been known as a dynamic and progressive community that embraces and celebrates cultural diversity and wonderful gifts that the rich variety of cultures bring to our Arizona home. One needs to simply look around to find beautiful and exciting offerings from Mexico, native culture, and the whole spectrum of ethnic, spiritual, and regional contributions made both by those born here and those who have come to Tucson to make it their home. Feng shui is one such exciting and beneficial contribution to the people of Tucson.

Tucson Feng Shui - Those Feng Shui Guys

Feng Shui is the art and science of arranging your personal environment in order to maximize safety, comfort and productivity is gaining tremendous popularity in the West, and more and more people in Tucson are discovering how feng shui can powerfully and positively impact t heir lives.

Although Tucson is the ideal place to incorporate the benefits of feng shui into the home and work environment, feng shui actually originated in China over five thousand years ago. At that time, people sought feng shui masters for guidance as to the best locations to built family shrines.

The word feng shui is actually a Chinese term that translated means "wind and water." This is because their counsel included not placing the shrine too high on a mountain top for risk of exposing the shrine to too much wind damage, and it included direction to not place the shrine too low in a valley for fear of water damage from flooding. As people were increasingly satisfied with the consultations their received regarding the placement of family shrines, they began to seek consultation regarding the most auspicious areas to locate their homes.

Additionally, feng shui principles began to be applied not only to the ideal location and position of the home itself, but to the interior of the home as well.

Tucson Feng Shui continued...

Tucson Feng Shui - Those Feng Shui Guys  - 520-245-6057Tucson Feng Shui - Those Feng Shui Guys  - 520-245-6057Tucson Feng Shui - Those Feng Shui Guys  - 520-245-6057
For your home, for your business, for a postive change in your life,
call Eric Cuestas-Thompson or Michael Bamba
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